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Preforming line

Type: AR-D


The preforming line AR-D is a flexible forging line for volume distribution of long forging parts. The design of the line allows the production of a variety of different preforms without time-consuming tool-changes. It consists of the forming machine and two manipulators driven by servo motors.

The forming machine consists of two rams moving towards each other, which follow a sinusoidal movement and are driven hydraulically.

As a special feature, the ram movement is not realized via valve control. Thus, the hydraulic system works without any pulsation and with extremely high efficiency. A combination of electric servo motors and hydraulic pumps allows the dynamic adjustment of the ram stroke position so that parts with a large variety of contours can be produced.

Due to its technical concept, the line can be seen as an alternative to radial forming machines, open-die forging machines and traditional stretching lines.

Press force 10 – 10,000 kN

Please refer to our brochure for further details of features and performance parameters.

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