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Masonry block press for the raw material fly ash

Type: KSE

ADVANTAGE OF THE FLY ASH BLOCK: In a comparison of CO2 emissions from the manufacture of building materials, sand-lime blocks, especially the so-called "fly ash blocks", perform better than other popular building materials.


The reason for this is that only the quantities of sand, lime and water used in the production of fly ash stones are balanced in terms of their CO2 equivalents (CO2-e) emissions. Since fly ash is a waste material, it need not be balanced and is not included in the CO2-e balance. By using the waste material fly ash, non-renewable raw material resources, i.e. natural sands, can be saved. Thus the "fly ash block" makes a clear contribution to the environment.

The basic materials are fly ash, quartz sand and quicklime. The fly ash block consists of 50-60 weight percent fly ash. The fly ash is usually extracted from coal-fired power plants and transported to the brick works in silo vehicles.


  • Fly ash blocks are dimensionally accurate, sound-absorbing and non-combustible
  • Due to the high compressive strength of the blocks, slender wall constructions are possible and lead to an increase in living space in every room

Press force 4,000 – 10,000 kN

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